Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an estimate?

            Here you have two choices; 1. Schedule an appointment for us to come out to your house and measure to give you an on-site estimate. 2. Calculate your squarefootage on your own* and with this information, we can give you an estimate over the phone or via email!

What is the difference between Quartz and Granite?

          Quartz is a man-made product without pores, so it is harder to stain than Granite, Marble, and Quartzite which are natural products. Quartz is 93% real rock and the other 7% is resin/glue and color. It can still chip and break.    Granite, Marble, and any other quarried materials are products of nature and are subject to veining, variation in color, and surface imperfections. These should be expected in the finished product. Sublime Custom Stone is not responsible for these. When fabricating your new countertops we will not touch the face.

Will my countertops come sealed?

           All of our countertops are installed with a two-year sealer, but if you would like additional protection we can install with a 15-year-warranty sealer for an added cost.

How should I clean these countertops?

          We recommend a stone-safe cleaner with a sealer in it. These are available at most local hardware stores. Acidic cleaners such as vinegar should never be used on your countertops.

What are my sink options?

          Sublime Custom Stone sells sinks, but if you wish to purchase your own sink elsewhere, we will need it at the time of template in order to cut/fabricate the necessary hole.

Do I need to purchase a slab?

          Whether you choose material from our yard or a local distributor, Sublime purchases the slabs. You will pay a squarefoot price for the squarefootage you are using.

What are the different stone finishes?

Polished: Glossy surface that will reflect light and more greatly emphasize the color and markings of the stone.

Honed: Satin-smooth finish with slight light reflection. Mostly described as a smooth-matte finish.

Leathered/Flamed: Rough-textured surface

(All of these finishes are sealed the same way as polished.)

Does Sublime do the plumbing work before and after an installation?

          No. Sublime is not a licensed plumbing business. The customer is responsible for scheduling the disconnection of the plumbing before installation, and the reconnect of the plumbing 24 hours after the sink has been mounted to the granite by a Sublime professional.

We recommend Denny Plumbing at 210.745.2288.

How long has Sublime been in business?

          Sublime Custom Stone has been in business for 13 years now. The owner has over 25 years of granite experience and has helped in the training of each installer. We are a family-run business. We are on Facebook, Angie‚Äôs List, and Houzz where you can find pictures of our work and customer reviews.

What is the thickness of your product?

          We offer both 3cm and 2cm. 3cm is about 1.25 inches thick and 2cm is about .75 inch thick. It is most common that we install 3cm in our homes, but the thickness is selected by the customer.

Do I need to add support on top of my cabinets?

          Plywood will need to be laid on top of the cabinets if the customer chooses to have a built-up edge. Otherwise, support is only needed below the countertop on a large overhang.

How long does a normal installation take?

          Sublime will tear-out and install your countertops in one day. The time frame will depend on how large the job is and the type of tear-out, if required.

Where can I look at material?

We keep stock here in our yard, but we can also order material from any local distributor.